It’s pretty important to know where you’ve come from & where you’re headed. We are a growing group of government agencies, community organizations and people from all walks of life serving others by addressing all sorts of needs across Santa Clara County, California. Since its inception in 2004, Beautiful Day has sought to invest in communities with simple, direct and unyielding kindness. Each project is an act of no-strings-attached service for those who are otherwise unable to help themselves. Our goal is to aggressively spread compassion, to discard apathy in favor of activity and light fires of good will in the neighborhoods we work and live in, and have a direct effect on our community.

Our Board

  • Anna Killion / Director of Marketing & Communications

  • Bob Froese / Project Director

  • Deacon Wightman / Director of Skilled Labor

  • Faith Hines / Administrative Support

  • Jennifer Laity / Director of Acquisitions

  • Kim Stedman / Project Director

  • Leslie Wightman / Project & Design Director

  • Phil Alne / Project Director

  • Sarah Field / Project Director

  • Vicki Field / Director of Operations