General FAQ

How are BD projects chosen?

The Beautiful Day Leadership Team (Directors) spends much time trying to wisely discern projects for our event weekend.  The Directors are always looking for ways to connect with the community and are open to ideas from others.  The selection process for Spring begins in late August and early September as the Leadership Team begins to review each potential project.  The Directors have established factors to help in the selection process as a starting point.  A project that meets a number of these factors has a good chance at being selected as a Beautiful Day Project.  The following is the initial list (in no particular order) that helps guide decisions for Beautiful Day weekend:

  1. Large Group of People.  The projects allow for a group of people to serve together (create a sense of momentum).
  2. Easy-to-Define-and-See Win.  Project can be completed in one weekend (one 48-hour period).
  3. Compelling Project.  The projects must make some sort of dent or impact on something that matters.
  4. Community Impact.  Who initiated the potential project? Does this help build a relationship and/or credibility to serve in larger areas in the future?  What impact will this have on the surrounding community?
  5. Non-duplication.  Will anyone else do this project if Beautiful Day doesn’t?
  6. Serve the community, not us.  Who does this project serve?
  7. Change the conversation.  Be compelling examples of Christlikeness to a deeply skeptical community.
  8. Can this become a continuing project that individuals or small groups can serve?
  9. Family-Friendly.  Allows families (children over age 5) to serve alongside their parents.

The Leadership Team attempts to be as wise as possible in discerning projects while still wanting to extend grace broadly.  The needs that Beautiful Day attempts to address are not always physical ones, and sometimes serving goes beyond what the eye can immediately see.  

Questions surrounding different types of projects include....

Schools:  Is the school in a low income neighborhood or attended by a majority of low-income students?  Is the school in a community that Beautiful Day has served before?  What does the school budget look like and where are the projects on their priority list?  Can we serve alongside the school community?  Does serving the school help us have the potential to reach into the surrounding neighborhood?

Community Projects (i.e., blight):  Does the situation have a level of disparity?  Is there a need (i.e., are there other factors that make this a difficult situation)?  Does serving this recipient send a positive message to the community, and perhaps even build community in the surrounding area?  Can we extend love to a broader segment of the community through this project?

Government Projects (i.e., parks, public property):  Does this strengthen the partnership between Beautiful Day and the government entity?  To what end?  Will the project allow us to serve alongside other community service groups, and in doing so broaden the Beautiful Day message?  Is there support (finances, equipment and materials, human resources) from the asking entity that help us in our service?

Special Group Projects (i.e., dance for special needs, dinner for battered women):  Who is being served?  Is there a way to lift them up in a way that is unique?  Will they feel loved as a result of the project?

If you have a question about why we made a choice to pass on a project or to complete one, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We will give you as much information as we can while being respectful of the process and the recipient.

Can I suggest a project?

If you have a project in mind, and it meets most, if not all, of the criteria above, please email: Please include your name and phone number, the location and recipient of the potential project, and a brief description of what the project would include.

Can other churches join in the Beautiful Day effort?

If there is a church that wishes to participate, that can happen in one of two ways. First, anyone can volunteer for the projects. Beautiful Day accepts any who wish to volunteer at a site. If a church wishes to initiate their own Beautiful Day project we ask that there is agreement to a “Memorandum of Understanding” (available on request) to comply with our values and methods.

How is Beautiful Day funded?

Beautiful Day relies completely on donations of materials, money and people.  If you wish to contribute in any way, please email us at

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

There are several ways to volunteer (see the “Volunteer Roles” question for more info). The majority of volunteers serve a shift or more at a particular project site. The current project sites and shifts will be listed under our Projects page as they become available.  A brief project description and the tasks to be accomplished will be found there.  You will also be notified as to what to bring to the project site for a successful experience.  Check the Calendar page to know when sign-ups begin. 

Can my child participate with me?

Because of how Beautiful Day connects with project, the majority are geared for able volunteers. There are limited chances each season that allow children as young as age 5 to participate. We also attempt to provide opportunities for young children to serve a project while off-site so they experience a bit of what it means to help even while their parent is more involved at a project site.  We have more opportunities available for those age 13 and up.

What volunteer roles are available?

Beautiful Day has many volunteer opportunities that have varying levels of involvement. The majority of volunteers serve for a shift or more during the Beautiful Day event. Other volunteers commit to weeks and months of planning. The reward for higher involvement is more connection with the recipient and greater opportunity to share one’s heart.  Please review these various opportunities and consider which is best for you.

Site Volunteer: Anyone can be a site volunteer (age appropriate).  Beautiful Day projects vary in physical exertion, skills needed, and type of activity.  The site volunteer registers for a specific project and shift or shifts and completes a waiver. Information about what the site volunteer should bring and what to expect will be shared with them. During Beautiful Day the site volunteer shows up at the project site prior to the start of the shift to sign-in and receive a briefing about the project and expectations for the shift.  The site volunteer will then serve the recipient by working toward the goal expressed by the Project Lead or Sub-Lead for the successful completion of the project.

Skilled Labor Member: The Skilled Labor members use their gifts and talents to provide task specific help at a project site.  Skilled Labor members have some training and ability in areas of construction (carpentry, cabinetry, painting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, concrete work, brick masons, etc.), interior design, or artistry.  Skilled Labor members report to the Project Lead for a specific Beautiful Day project and will complete the task for which the skill is needed, or use their experience to lead others in completing the specific task.

Support Team Member: The Support Team is responsible to help welcome and check-in volunteers into each project site, to answer questions about the project tasks and direct volunteers to the appropriate lead, to assist in providing water for volunteers. This is a physically low-impact way to serve. Some Support Team members are trained in First Aid and will assist in giving and getting help in the event of a medical emergency. Some on this team can offer to help other than Saturday or Sunday by assisting in organizing tools and materials the week before Beautiful Day or to help clean-up and receive returned items after Beautiful Day is over.

Acquisition Team Member:* The Acquisitions Team is responsible for the planning and purchasing of supplies and materials needed for each specific Beautiful Day project. Each Acquisition member reports to the Acquisition Director and works closely with their designated Project Lead. Each Acquisition member attends regular project meetings, begins planning several months prior to the event, is assigned a specific project site during Beautiful Day to assist with last minute needs.  Acquisition members also help with returns of materials and rentals after the completion of Beautiful Day.

Sub-Lead: The Sub-Lead supports and works alongside the Project Lead and is responsible for overseeing part of one specific Beautiful Day project. The sub-lead will attend meetings and begin planning several months prior to event. Sub-Leads are also on the project site during Beautiful Day to ensure the project’s successful completion.

Project Lead:* The Project Lead is responsible for overseeing all aspects of one specific Beautiful Day project. Each Lead reports to a Project Director and is supported by Co-Leads, Sub Leads, a Communication Lead, and an Acquisition Lead. Project Leads attend meetings and begin planning several months prior to the event. Leads are also on-site during Beautiful Day to ensure the project’s successful completion.

Communication Team Member:* The Communication Team is the liaison between Beautiful Day leadership and the site volunteers for each specific Beautiful Day project. Each Communication member reports to the Marketing Director and works closely with their Project Lead. Each Communication member attends regular project meetings, begins planning several months prior to the event, and is on the project site during Beautiful Day.

Prayer and Care Team Member: The Prayer and Care Team provide spiritual support to the recipients and the volunteers during Beautiful Day. Each Prayer and Care member is assigned a specific site in advance of Beautiful Day to pray for the project. Then during Beautiful Day the member will go to the assigned project site to pray, answer spiritual questions, and care for the spiritual well-being of the people serving and those being served.

*While anyone can offer to volunteer for these particular positions each person will need to be confirmed by the Beautiful Day Leadership Team.